Friday, 9 December 2011

tims 12 tags of christmas tag#6

I can`t believe I`m posting this as this tag was such a disaster !! Now this is not sour grapes because mine went wrong but sorry Tim, I wasn`t very keen on this idea to start with. The technique of using glossy card under the self adhesive foil to emboss with worked brilliantly - I would definately do this again. It was adding the colouring that it all went pete tong. I don`t have acrylic paints and note to self, before attempting Tims tags again, please invest in some Lol. I used a liquid pearl paint at first. To start with, it went all streaky, then having left it to dry, I sanded over the snowflakes to find it all peeled off. However, I couldn`t remove every trace of it. At this point I really should have started again but decided to try adding alcohol inks in shades of blue to try to rescue it. It did look a bit better, I then went over the whole thing with a versamark pad and then a turquoise sparkle embossing powder which is slightly holographic. I quite liked the effect so finished it off with some ribbon trim and epoxy stickers. So there you have it tag 6 which I won`t be attempting again. Hope others are having more luck with that one x Lavinia


  1. Only you know that this was a disaster (at least until you told the rest of us) and it looks fine to me. I always say there is no such thing as a mistake, simply a new design opportunity!!

  2. I actually LOVE your tag! It's one of the few that I actually clicked on to get a better view of, in fact! I think we are our own worst critics! Thanks for sharing, even if you weren't feeling 100% about it!

  3. I love this tag. You pulled it back from the brink oif disaster and made it something special!